Passport Issuance

Filipinos apply for a Philippine passport, the official government-issued document, which certifies the holder's identity and nationality and entitles them to travel under its protection to and from foreign countries.

Office or Division: Passport Section
Classification: Complex
Type of Transaction: G2C
Who may avail: Filipino citizens

Confirmed online appointment (except for those who can avail of the Courtesy Lane including seniors, pregnant women, persons with disabilities, and minors 7 years old and below)

Philippine Consulate General in Honolulu website (
Accomplished Passport Application Form Philippine Consulate General in Honolulu or downloadable from its website 
Personal appearance  

Postage stamps worth US$7.75, if passport is to be mailed to applicant.

US Post Office
New Application:
Birth Certificate or Report of Birth (Original and 1 photocopy)  Philippine Statistics Authority
For married women:  Marriage Certificate or Report of Marriage (Original and photocopy) (Note: If applicant opts to retain maiden name, the Marriage Certificate is not required.)  Philippine Statistics Authority
For dual citizens:  Original Identification Certificate, Oath of Allegiance, and Order of Approval issued by the Philippine Foreign Service Post or the Philippine Bureau of Immigration  Applicant
Latest Philippine passport (original and photocopy of data page) Applicant
 Valid ID showing proof of Philippine citizenship, i.e., Alien/Green card (original and photocopy)  Applicant

Documents to support name change (Original and 1 photocopy): 

For married women:  Marriage Certificate or Report of Marriage (Note: If applicant opts to retain maiden name, a Marriage Contract is not required.)

For name change:  Annotated Birth Certificate

For reversion to maiden name:  Annotated Marriage Contract to show annulment/divorce/court ordered instruction, Death Certificate of spouse. 
 Philippine Statistics Authority
For Lost ePassport
Same requirements as for a new applicant.  
Affidavit of Loss Can be executed by applicant at the PCG or before a notary public
For lost valid passport: Police Report Police station
For lost valid passport:15-day clearing period   


Client Steps 



Fees to be Paid  Processing Time Person Responsible 

 1. Go to PCG on day and time of appointment; wait for number to be called.

For Courtesy Lane clients, log-in at QLess kiosk and wait for number to be called

1. Summon client None 1 minute (to log-in)


Passport Section 

 2. Submit application form and supporting documents for processing and evaluation 2. Receive, assess and evaluate completeness and authenticity of documents None  5 minutes  Processor 

Passport Section

 3. Submit application with copies of supporting documents to the Cashier and pay the required fee/s  3. Receive payment and issue Official Receipt

USD 60 (Passport – new or renewal)

USD 25/document (Affidavit)

USD 150 (Lost Passport) 

 3 minutes

Collecting Officer


4. Submit application form and supporting documents, and have data encoded and biometrics (photo, fingerprint scan, and e-signature) taken. Application process ends

4. Check form and documents

4.1 Encode applicant’s personal information

4.2 Scan pertinent documents for electronic file

4.3 Capture biometrics

4.4 Request applicant to review and approve personal details as encoded

4.5 Inform applicant of passport release and that they will receive a mobile text notification on passport availability

4.6 If applicable, cancel old passport and accept applicant request to mail the new passport
 None 7 minutes


Passport Section

5. Wait for processing of passport 5. Checks and signs passport application, and transmits it to DFA-Manila. None 2 minutes

Signing Officer

Passport Section

  5.1 Process, print passport and ship passport to PCG None 4 to 6 weeks DFA - Manila
6. Return to PCG, log-in at Qless kiosk and wait for number to be called 6. Summon client None 1 minute (to log-in)

Consular Assistant

Passport Section

7. Present Official Receipt as proof for claim.  If claiming passport on behalf of applicant, submit Authorization letter from applicant 7. Hand passport to applicant/
representative. Request check of accuracy on passport entries and signature on the receiving portion of the application form. Cancel old passport if it hasn’t been cancelled yet
None 5 minutes

Consular Assistant

Passport Section

  TOTAL Varies based on applicant's circumstances

20 minutes

(Steps 2-4, 7 only)