Visa Issuance

A visa allows foreign nationals to travel to the Philippines for a stay no longer than 59 days.  The process below is for 9(a) tourist/business visa applicants categorized as unrestricted nationals per EO 408.  The process for restricted nationals is subject to a clearance and approval bye concerned Philippine agencies.

Office or Division Visa Section
Classification Complex
Type of Transaction G2C
Who may avail: Foreign naationals
Confirmed online appointment  Philippine Consulate General in Honolulu website (
Accomplished Visa Application Form 2A Philippine Consulate General in Honolulu or downloadable from its website
Original passport Passport agency of foreign government
Proof of financial capacity, i.e., bank statement, payslip (1 copy) Bank, employer
Proposed Itinerary (1 copy) Travel agency, airline
Postage stamps worth US$7.75, if passport with visa is to be mailed to applicant US Post Office


Client Steps  Agency Actions  Fees to be Paid  Processing Time  Person Responsible
1. Go to PCG on day and time of appointment; wait for number to be called 1. Summon client None  
Visa Officer
Visa Section
2. Submit application form and supporting documents for processing and evaluation 2. Receive, assess and evaluate completeness and authenticity of documents None  10 minutes 
Visa Officer
Visa Section
3. Submit application with supporting documents to the Cashier and pay the required fee 3. Receive the application form with supporting documents and  payment and issue Official Receipt USD 30 (single entry, 3 months)

USD 60 (multiple entry, 6 months) 

USD 90 (Multiple entry, 1 year)
3 minutes 
Collecting Officer
4. Wait for processing of visa

4. Process, print and affix visa on passport

4.1 Review application and approve visa issuance

4.2 Mail passport with visa (if requested by applicant)

None 3 working days
Visa Officer
Visa Section
Consul/Vice Consul
Visa Section
Visa Officer
Visa Section
5. Return to PCG, log-in at Qless kiosk and wait for number to be called 5. Summon client  None
1 minute (to log-in)
Visa Officer
Visa Section 
6. Present Official Receipt as proof for claim.  If claiming passport on behalf of applicant, submit Authorization letter of applicant 6. Hand passport to applicant/representa-tive. Request check of accuracy on visa entries and signature on the receiving portion of the application form None 5 minutes
Visa Officer
Visa Section
  TOTAL Depends on visa applied 3 days, 18 minutes (Steps 2-4, 6)