Acknowledgement/Notarization of Documents

For private documents such as affidavits, special powers of attorney, deeds, sworn statements, etc., executed in Hawaii to have legal effect in the Philippines, these must be signed in the presence of a consular official and notarized/consularized by the Philippine Consulate General. The notarized document will have as covering page an ACKNOWLEDGEMENT or JURAT, which is signed by a Consular Official and contains the Consulate seal.

Office or Division Notarials Section
Classification Simple
Type of Transaction G2C
Who may avail: All
Confirmed online appointment (except for Filipino citizens who can avail of the Courtesy Lane including seniors, pregnant women, persons with disabilities, and minors 7 years old and below) Philippine Consulate General in Honolulu website (
Document/s for acknowledgement/notarization For execution by client
Valid government-issued ID with photo and signature (original and 1 photocopy) Client


Client Steps  Agency Actions  Fees to be Paid  Processing Time  Person Responsible

1. Go to PCG on day and time of appointment; wait for number to be called

For Courtesy Lane clients, log-in at Qless kiosk and wait for number to be called

1. Summon client None  1 minute (to log-in)
Consular Assistant
Notarials Section

2. Submit application form and supporting documents for processing and evaluation

2.1 Sign document

2. Receive, assess and evaluate completeness of documents

2.1 Requests client to sign document/s

None  10 minutes 
Consular Assistant
Notarials Section
3. Submit application with supporting documents to the Cashier and pay the required fee 3. Receive the documents and payment, and issue Official Receipt USD 25 per document 3 minutes 
Collecting Officer
4. Wait for processing of acknowledgement

4. Prepare acknowledgement and attach to document

4.1 Review and sign acknowledgement


1 working day (if document received before 12 pm)

2 working days (if document received after 12 pm)

Consular Assistant
Notarials Section
Consul/Vice Consul
Notarials Section
5. Return to PCG, log-in at Qless kiosk and wait for number to be called 5. Summon client  None
1 minute (to log-in)
Consular Assistant
Notarials Section 
6. Present Official Receipt as proof for claim.  If claiming passport on behalf of applicant, submit Authorization letter of applicant 6. Hand acknowledgement to applicant/representative. Request check of accuracy on document and signature on PCG copy of the acknowledgement None 5 minutes
Consular Assistant
Notarials Section
  TOTAL Depends on number of documents 2 days, 18 minutes (Steps 2-4, 6)